Exercise Made Easy!

Looking to lose a few pounds for this summer season? Start Scuba Diving!

Diving is a great way to burn calories FAST, check out this Calorie Calculator that shows you just how much you can burn on a single dive!


Come to Beaver Aquatics and Learn to Dive Today!

Great weekend out on Quadra! Stubby Squids, beautiful Row And Be Damned Walls of life and not to mention visiting our massive Columbia Wreck to wrap up the weekend!


Snorkeller and Pink Salmon, in a river in British Columbia, Canada

Every Diver Counts!

Here is an article on the spreading word of Sea Star ‘Wasting’



Come into Beaver Aquatics and find out how you can be apart of our diving community and help find the cause of this new underwater issue!


The Wonders of the Emerald Sea

Check out this video of our local waters in British Columbia.

The video – made for awareness towards beauty of our undersea world – is an excellent example of how stunning our waters can be. You can help this project by sharing this video and raising awareness towards the life that is at risk!


Diving Around Quadra!

The visibility is picking up and Dive season is back on! Join us at Beaver Aquatics for all of your North Island Diving needs.

Here is a Time Lapse Video of some Local Divers Gearing up and taking the plunge November 2013 around the east side of Quadra Island, BC!

Under Pressure!

A reminder to all divers alike:


The sunshine has been turned to full force, be sure to keep your tanks in the shade when full to avoid any potential of over pressurizing your tank from the heat!

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