Bryan recalls;

My week started on Monday April 19th, arriving at the store late. Kevin Bates (my right hand) wasn’t feeling very well, so after harassing him I sent him home. A customer came in and was complaining about his dive computer. While I am dealing with him another fellow comes in with a tank for a fill. Hydro date checked out, VIS checked out. I took the tank in the back and attach it for a fill. I checked the pressure regulator and turned it down to 3000 as H/P steels had been filling before this.

I turn on the airbanks and go back to the front of the store to look after customers while the tank fills. Fill process is usually somewhere around 3-5 minutes. After 1-2 minutes THE CYLINDER EXPLODED INTO 3 PIECES!!!! The valve still attached to the fill whip!!

Upon inspecting the pieces we found; the burst disc still intact!!! No corrosion, no dents, hardly even a scratch on the original paint and decals. Inside, no pitting!! A very slight discoloration on both sides of the threads the only clue as to what went wrong.

I keep wondering…. 


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